Cosmo….It’s Not Just a Girly Magazine….

(And to help you guys out if you click on the picture it will take you directly to the Cosmo website.)

Alright guys, it’s time to pay attention. (Even those of you that are married may learn a thing or two.) Many of you have probably never picked up a “girly” magazine. You know the ones I’m talking about: Cosmo, Elle, Vogue, Allure, etc. The one’s your potential girlfriend, girlfriend, or wife reads while they are at the nail/hair salon. This is all valuable information that most men should pay attention to. Think about it for a minute. If you could dive into the mind of a woman and know what they are reading and/or thinking wouldn’t that be like your favorite football team stealing the game plan of the opponent?

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy “reading” all of the “guy” magazines just as much as you. You know the ones: Maxim, Playboy (they really do have interesting articles), GQ, etc. However, most of those don’t give you insight into the mind of a woman. Don’t try and sit there and think that you know all about women and have them figured out. Rest assured men that have been married for 30 years have yet to figure women out. It’s just not going to happen. Go back up and read all of the headlines from Cosmo. Here I’ll do you one better and list them for you right now:

  • 7 Signs He Wants to Have Sex (His surprising in-the-mood-signals — besides the obvious one) (sidenote: If you don’t know what the obvious one is then perhaps  you should go back and take health class.)
  • The 20 Heels That Turn Him On (If you are out with your girl/wife don’t you think she might be impressed if you picked up a pair of shoes and told her that she would look sexy in them?)
  • Men Spill: “I Hate When My Girlfriend…” (You may think that this is breaking the “guy code” of divulging information to the opposite sex about our thoughts. Well, my friend, these stories are basically ways to keep you from screwing up a potential good thing.)

So my friends these are the titles to the articles that your potential girlfriend, girlfriend, and/or wife are currently reading. Wouldn’t you like to know all of these things? I, for one, would love to know what signs I am putting off that say “I want to have sex with you!” (When I just figured that hey you have a va j j and I have a penis was enough of a sign.) Surprisingly there have been times in my “dating career” that I DO NOT want to give off those types of signs.

And guys if you think for a minute that your potential girlfriend, girlfriend, or wife DOES NOT tell her girlfriends about her sex life with you then you are sadly mistaken. Your significant other shares intimate details with her closest friends about how you are in bed and the size of your package. (Why do you think girls go to the bathroom in packs? To talk about their day? No I don’t think so!) If you are a “two pump chump” then rest assured your girls best friend(s) know all about it! (Why else do you think you get those funny looks from them when they come over to the house?)

Now on to the rest of Cosmo:

This is the rest of the page on Cosmo’s website. Go ahead and read the text in the black box. What does it say? Here let me tell you:


Yes so they asked a bunch of guys what they were thinking the first time they had sex with their partner. Breaking “guy code” again you say? Not necessarily. I will spare you the details of the first time for me with “cougar”. (I know I know visual that none of you really want. Well ok maybe some of you do…LMAO) This is the type of stuff that girls, women, ladies, cougars, milfs, etc. are reading.

So next time you see your potential girlfriend, girlfriend, or wife bring this magazine home (or any of the women’s magazine) I suggest you sneak away or better yet just tell them that you want to read what they are reading. You can gain valuable information into the mind of the female species.

Now some of you are probably wondering, what does a 34 yr old guy that has never been married and hasn’t had a long term relationship know what he is talking about. Trust me, I would never steer you wrong. Well ok perhaps I would, but some of the women’s magazines have valuable information that can help ALL men regardless if they are single or married.

And last, but not least, Cosmo helps you out and gives you a “Sex Position of the Day”. If you’ve run out of different ways to do the “horizontal limbo” then here you go, because some women won’t tell you that they want to try something new.


Until Next Time,

Spiral Out

P.S. And ladies if you want to try something new then by all means suggest it to your man. More than likely if it is something you want to try we will be all for it. (Well within reason of course!)

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