This is going to be a good one….

Well as many of you know my last post was “Perhaps Cupid Isn’t Dead.” I talked about meeting a great girl and everything seemed to be working out. Well much to my dismay things have gone south. It’s alright though. I am completely fine with this. It’s better I find out now than months down the road. It’s a long story that I will get into for my next blog. Now with that being said for all you single ladies out there….I’m back on the market! 😛

I will be posting about my last little “escapade” here in the next few days. It really should be a good read. I’m beginning to think that women that make their home in Florida are f*cking nuts!!!! On some levels I sit here and think that ya know what maybe it’s me. Perhaps I’m too nice and expect to much from these girls.

Perhaps I should just start being a complete and utter prick. Perhaps that will get the girl “hook, line, and sinker!” This nonsense of being the nice, sweet, caring guy is for the fucking birds.

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out

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  1. I am more than confident that you are smarter than that! We may live here, but we certainly don’t come from here. You know better than to give up on all of the superior gender. It can’t possibly all your fault! Xoxoxo!!

  2. Sometimes I think its good to stop trying for awhile and be happier with the things you do have. A couple of years ago someone walked into my life that I was inexplicably drawn to and completely gaga over. I didn’t probably appear to be in any other way but the bedroom but the fact was that that immediate feeling never went away. Now I’m a very realistic and independent person who doesn’t believe in love at first site or didn’t believe in fate. As my relationship grew with this person and those feelings didn’t end and they grew deeper and more real I reached a place I hadn’t ever been in 42 years. I actually began to believe in fate and that I had found someone that fit me to a tee and that I actually wanted to be with and excited to share a life with and WANTED to marry…it ended…badly…and for the first time in my adult life, even after two divorces, I was crushed. All the dumb and stupid sayings about getting your heart broken and and the wind out of your sails and one true love and fate…I found out were truthful statements no matter how hokey. I now have the feeling that fate is real and that we found each other but it didn’t work out for stupid reasons and that we let fate be messed up. I don’t think I will ever ever be in that place again…another hokey statement…a once in a lifetime…I’m hoping I’m wrong (actually I’m still hoping for him) at least hoping that there is something else that will come close. I tried to date and it was a disaster; actually felt nauseous and like I was drowning each time. So what I’m doing now is not trying to find someone to fulfill my dreams but just concentrating on what I have and making it better. Finding some new friends and appreciating those I have. While I’ve lost hope I can’t quite give it all up yet. Take a break. Relax. Enjoy what you have. Spend time in bed 😛 Don’t give up writing.

    1. Don’t worry I won’t become a complete and utter prick. My mom wouldn’t allow it and taught me better than that. But I will say that I need to learn not to give myself so completely right away. Although in this case the feelings were supposedly mutual until she decided to change them at a moments notice. Stay tuned for my next blog post and I will detail all that happened.

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