Do You Have Any Irish In You? ….Want Some?

Its that time of year again. The green beer will be flowing and the Irish Car Bombs will be exploding… And by the end of the night there will be plenty of rookie drinkers praying to the porcelain god. At this time I would like to send a toast out to all of my friends! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May your day be filled with lots of beer and liquor. May you eat some delicious corn beef and cabbage. May your night be filled with good friends and great memories. (Although if you remember all of your night then you weren’t celebrating hard enough.) May you wake up on Friday morning, picking up your phone, scrolling through all of the recent calls and text messages in order to do “damage control”.

Now for some of us we were blessed to be born Irish. Myself I am Irish, German, and a little Dutch thrown in for good measure. So in essence I got the drinking gene. On this glorious day drinking is highly encouraged. However, one must know how to pace themselves. Remember, St. Patricks Day is a marathon and not a sprint. There are plenty of amateurs that show up on this wonderful day. The amateurs will show themselves over time and will either be arrested, passed out, or kicked out of the establishment. These types of people really should just stay home and leave this game to the professionals. Sadly, they never do stay home and show up to the local establishment so pumped and so excited. More than likely some of them will be wearing a shirt that looks something like the picture above. This is why I plan to stay home on this day. I’m not a rookie any more and I really don’t want to see the guys drooling over the girls that they will never get. 

For me I really don’t need a day that encourages me to drink.  But for some they need that extra little push to get out there and enjoy themselves. Some of you will decide to do the “green beer” thing, but I highly suggest to skip this. There’s no reason why one needs to color their beer with green food coloring. Just drink the damn beer already!

A note to all of you singles out there….. Pick your target early in the night and try your best to stick with them. Because by the end of the night they are all going to look like the hottest thing you have ever seen in your life. Then you wake up the next morning, roll over, and say to yourself “WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO LAST NIGHT?” (Now now I don’t speak from experience….no really..I don’t….ok..maybe once…) 

Have a safe St. Patricks Day. 

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out


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