At A Crossroads…..

Yeah like it’s that easy….I call bullsh*t!!!!

Well now so it’s been a little bit since I have posted. I know I promised all of you that I would be posting more for your entertainment purposes. However, I just haven’t had the urge to write lately. Now of course that is not to say that I don’t have anything to write about. I most certainly have plenty. There was that last one, which I am currently in the process of writing about entitled, “Another One Bites The Dust.” Had to put a pause on that one for the time being. (Don’t be asking any silly questions now people.)

My focus has been elsewhere as of late. Ya know trying to find a job. Figuring out what my next move will be. Ya know major life decisions. I probably shouldn’t even be venturing out into the “swamp” aka “dating world”, but seeing as though I like to play with fire I just can’t help myself. I’m almost at the point of no return really. No you sick bastards I am not getting married nor do I have a girlfriend.

The point of no return is shutting down both dating website profiles….. Yes I said it! How long I can stay away is another story entirely, but I think it just may be time to pack it in. I’ve got a month left on and after that I’m done giving them any more of my money. What’s the point really? Ahhh yes there is no point. Sure I’ve had friends meet their spouse from match. And I’ve also had some of those end in divorce. It’s all a crap shoot really. In the end none of us know where we are going to meet “the one” and we just have to let it all play out. Online dating just gives us a larger menu to choose from. No I’m not bitter at my experiences as I’ve learned a hell of a lot from the online dating world. I have also met some amazing (albeit crazy) girls. (No you’re not one of them….but wait you are….lol) Nor am I looking for any sympathy from any of you. I’m just calling it like I see it and what I’ve learned over the years.

Seeing as though I am not religious by any stretch I am not going to say I will leave it in “God’s” hands. A friend once told me way back in the late 90’s…ya know the 20th Century. He said, “Chad you’re a confirmed bachelor for the rest of your life.” Now he didn’t say this in a derogatory way. Perhaps he had some way to see into the future. He was just calling a spade a spade. Looking back on it perhaps he was right.

I actually don’t see anything wrong with that. So I will be a “Charlie” the rest of my life. Everyone has their own path that they choose to walk. Sometimes the path isn’t necessarily the one that you thought you’d be walking down, but nonetheless there you are. Make the most of it. Live the life that you want to lead. Just because something works for you or your friends doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for me or anyone else.

In the end I’m not sure where I am at with this entire online dating thing. If people would just say what they mean and mean what they say then I wouldn’t have such a tough time with this. Although it seems that 9 times out of 10 the profile is just a facade into who a person is when it comes down to the meeting. I, for one, have put all my cards on the table (ok most of them anyways) when it comes to my profile. This blog is listed on both dating websites so that those that may be interested can get a glimpse into what goes on in this crazy head of mine. I’ve got nothing to hide really as most of you know. I’m an open book.  I just wish that others out there had the same view I do in this regard. Perhaps it comes down to the fact that I’m to intense. I go for the “all in” right away. (No you assholes I don’t say I Love You on the first date…. In fact it’s been a loooooooooooooong time since that has even been an option…And I mean a very very very loooooooooooooooooooooooong time. Now of course I could see why someone would want to tell me they loved me after the first date….After all it is me we are dealing with here…..HAHAHAHAHAHA)

Maybe I need to change it up a little bit now. Instead of being the one that chases I should be the one that gets chased! Ahhhh yes a good friend once told me, “If you ignore them then they will eventually come after you!” (She’s been telling me this for years and I’ve never listened to her…..Perhaps I should start now…..) Maybe just maybe she is on to something there……..

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out


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