It’s The Pit I Love Pt. 2

Well now a few days ago I posted about prepping some Pork Loin Back Ribs for the smoker. Since I am fairly new to “The Pit” everything I do is always a work in progress. I have yet to smoke the perfect rack of ribs. Every time I have attempted there is always something new I learn or try in order to reach perfection.

This last attempt went fairly well. I was happy with the taste and the tenderness of the meat. However, the only problem was that the meat fell off the bone way to easy. Now some of you would say, “You want the meat to fall of the bone.” Yes I do, but not when I am cutting the rack prior to serving.

I smoked the ribs for roughly about 2 1/2 hours keeping the heat right around 220-230 degrees. Some say low and slow will always trump hot and fast, but even at low and slow one can cook for too long. After 2 1/2 hours I smothered the ribs in my beer moppin’ sauce and then wrapped in foil. Then I proceeded to keep on the smoker for an additional hour. Keeping the heat around 200 degrees.

Once I took the ribs off and unwrapped I realized that I probably cooked for too long. Although the ribs were still tender and juicy, the meat just fell of the bone. So instead of ribs I had a bunch of meat that I turned into BBQ sandwiches.

Here are few pics of the outcome. I should of taken a few pics of me cutting up the ribs, but a few cold beers in I forgot to.

Marinated for 24 hours.
Marinated for 24 hours.
Looking a little dry. Time to mop the ribs.
Looking a little dry. Time to mop the ribs.
All mopped up and looking good.
All mopped up and looking good.

Now of course one cannot just have meat for dinner. I am always trying to come up with something else as a side dish that I can put on the smoker as well. You know “kill two birds with one stone”. I’ve cooked bake potatoes on the grill before and figured I would try smoking a potato.

Everything I read online said to rub the potato in bacon grease and season. Well I had no bacon so it was time to improvise. I had one stick of butter left. Softened the butter up a bit and rub generously over the potato. The remaining portion of the butter I cut up and placed into a stone pan. Seasoned the potato with fresh ground black pepper, kosher salt, and All Spice.

Placed in the smoker for just a little over 2 hours, rotating it on occasion so that it would cook in the melted butter. Damn thing came out moist and tender just like a baked potato should. I definitely will do this again and try a few different variations.

Smoke that potato!
Smoke that potato!

All in all I was happy with how everything turned out. The ribs are always a work in progress and something I have yet to master. Need to tweak how long I smoke them for and perhaps not wrap them in foil next time.  All in all a good time. Any time I can get into “The Pit” is a good day. Why? Because it’s the pit I love!

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out

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