Christmas Season…..

Well for those that know me, you know that I am not a religious by any stretch. For me this time of year is so much more than religion, shopping, spending, etc. There was a time that it was about family, friends, and giving. There was a time that the spirit of Christmas was making sure your family was together eating, drinking, and watching football. There was a time that families got together and cooked lots of food and reminisced about the year that has past us. 

Now it seems that it all comes down to spending, shopping, and getting that perfect gift for that special someone. That special someone is your spouse, your child, your babysitter, your child’s 1st grade teacher, your landlord, your employees, your this, and your that. 

It’s not the Christmas Spirit anymore. It’s the Consumer Spirit. Stores don’t tell me “Merry Christmas” anymore. They say “Happy Holidays!” Why? Because these businesses don’t want to alienate or offend the crowd that doesn’t celebrate Christmas. They want to remain “politically correct” and ensure that their profit margin beats Wall Streets estimates.

Let’s just for a minute forget about the “Christmas Spirit”….. When are we going to get back to a time that is the “human spirit”. You know that time that we all look out for our fellow man and woman. That time that we pay it forward for someone that is less fortunate than us. When will we get back to a time that it is not about the fancy presents, the tablets, the smartphones, the ps4’s, the xbox one’s? And we make it by bringing together family and friends and eat and be merry. 

It isn’t about what one can buy for their kids or their friends. It should be about loving one another and saying Merry Christmas to each other. It should be about inviting that one friend, that has no family in town, over for Christmas Dinner. The power of the human spirit can be much greater than the power of someone’s wallet. 

I know that I will wake up tomorrow with text messages from friends and family of presents everyone got. And I will sit back and chuckle to myself, thinking “this is what everyone thinks about Christmas.” We are misguided as a people. We need to get back to what is important. 

To all my friends out in Twitter land, Facebook land, etc…. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. When  you wake up in the morning realize that what we all have is special. Remember that it is about what you do in this world that shapes us and defines our character. 

I sit here writing this message in hopes that maybe one person will read it and it will resonate with them. And they will be that change that they want to see in the world. 

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out

P.S I did not write this message to be a “Grinch” on Christmas Eve. I wrote this from the heart and worry about where we are headed as a people. I worry about the future of our great Country. I worry about the lessons that we are teaching the youth of America at this time. However, with that being said, I know in my heart of hearts that we all have what it takes to make this Country great… make this World great. We all just need to look deep inside ourselves and find out what is important. 

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