Food and Music… The Key to a person’s Soul…..


Throughout my life I have always been one that appreciates music and food. I will not ridicule anyone that likes a particular band, artist, or food. It is always a personal choice. However, with that being said I can always help to educate people and guide them into the right direction when it comes to music and food. The right direction is my direction. LOL You may not agree with the music, but I can assure you that you will agree with my food. I am my own worst critic when it comes to anything coming out of my kitchen. If you don’t like it I want to know! I can’t improve my recipes if I don’t know! 

When I am in the kitchen cooking up dinner’s for the family I always have music playing. Either on my headphones or on the home theater system. I feel the music and it puts me into a mood. It gets my creative juices flowing and allows me to become one with whatever it is I am cooking. Sure it sounds weird that I become one with whatever it is I cooking, but that is how I do things. 

I get in a zone and feel the music which in turns comes out in my cooking. I absolutely love music and love cooking. Nothing is better than making a dish for my family and friends. Sometimes it turns out like crap and we have to make Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. (Especially if the dog decides to steal the steak that you had marinating for 12 hrs and cooked it for your wife.) 

I have a plethora of recipes that I am always trying out and adjusting to make sure they are just perfect. I have shared some of these recipes with friends and family. However, I cannot give away all of my secrets. Some of these are “stolen” with Chad Hoos adjustments made to the recipe. When I say “stolen”, I mean from TV shows on Food Network. I take the recipes and then make my own adjustments.  I don’t want to take from others and want to make my own mark on these recipes. 

I know I haven’t been posting on this blog very often, but I hope to make it at least a weekly ritual with my recipes and bringing in the music I listen to while making these recipes. I hope that at the very least  I can give your belly’s something great to eat and your ears something great to listen to…… 


Until Next Time,

Spiral Out 


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