It’s Been A Long Time…..

The time has come again. I need to start writing again. I need to get my creative juices flowing. I have no idea where this blog will take me or will take you, the reader. This will be my outlet to show the world who I am. Most of it will probably consist of me cooking, smoking, and grilling food. It will also be an outlet for my every day struggles of life.

We all have struggles that are our own. That no one else knows about. We all struggle to “fit in”. We all struggle to “be a part of the crowd”. Even for those of us that are introverts or those of us that don’t fit into a “normal” mold. We all want to be accepted by our friends and family.

I am here to buck that trend. Personally I really do not care about being accepted by anyone. The only person that I need to be accepted by is ME, MYSELF, and I. I will not change for anyone. I stand by my beliefs, my thoughts, and my convictions. If you do not agree with me then go ahead and take a long walk of a short plank. Now of course I am always open to a discussion, a debate, or a conversation. However, if you want to go down that road please come with something to back up your thoughts, beliefs, or convictions. Do not come at me and regurgitate something you saw on CNN, FOX, NBC, etc. Know your facts and do your own research.

I am straight forward and have no filter in what I say. If you can’t handle the truth then you probably should continue on to the next blog. I have no time for “political correctness”. This country of ours has gotten to soft. There was a time when we all could “tell it like it is”. Now it seems everyone is worried about hurting this group or that group. Well guess what I don’t care if I hurt your feelings. Why? Because plenty of people out there hurt my feelings every day. Do I sit here and bitch about it no. That is their opinion and their belief. So good for them.

We all have our own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. I stand by mine whole heartedly. I have an open mind and will accept other thoughts, opinions, or beliefs if by chance I am proven wrong or if I am shown evidence to the contrary. What I get sick of is people that just spout off something they heard and took it for face value and believed it without any sort of research.

Just because you believe in something does not make it true. Nor does it make it false. And the same goes for me, just because I believe in something does not make it true nor does it make it false.

This blog of mine will be all over the place, much like this post. Some of it will not make sense to you and, in the end probably won’t make sense to me. These are my words. These are the thoughts that go through my mind. As I said earlier this blog will be about cooking, smoking, grilling, life, ups and downs, politics, religion, sports, life, etc.

Life is like a box of chocolates…ya never know what you’re gonna get…. That should be my theme on my blog…. So sit down, shut up, and just enjoy the ride. Feel free to comment, email me, call me out, debate me, discuss with me, argue with me, etc…..


Until Next Time,
Spiral Out

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