Wait…You Want Me To Do What With My Beer Can????

20150408_165914[1]My little slice of heaven…. The Pit and The Grill 

Alrighty folks… Back to what it is that makes me happy. Back to being in the kitchen or in my case “The Pit” and “The Grill.” I am always looking for something new to try. Something that will get those taste buds working over time. Something that will make you stop and say, “Hmmm I really need to try that!” Now I would like to be able to tell you that all of these great ideas and recipes come from yours truly. However, I cannot take credit for everything. (My dry rubs and my bbq sauces are truly my own.)

Some of my recipes were ideas that came from watching The Food Network. Specifically “Dinners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” I see something I like. I take notes and then add my own little flare to it. I am also part of a group on Facebook, BBQ Smoker Tips & Recipes. This group has inspired me and taught me a ton when it comes to “The Pit” and “The Grill.”

One other site that is my go to for any information when it comes to smoking anything is, Amazingribs.com.  (<— this site is absolutely incredible. A wealth of information for a beginner as well as a seasoned vet.)

Now let’s get on with the show here. I present to you “The Beer Can Burger.” An absolute glorious concoction of ground beef with a pocket in the middle for whatever you want to stuff it with. Now some of you might have seen or had a “Juicy Lucy.” A popular burger at some restaurant that stuffs all their burgers with whatever you want. Their burger is complete with meat on top of “the pocket.” So it looks like a normal burger until you cut/bite into it.

With the “Beer Can Burger” you do not have a “top”. In essence its “open-faced.” So lets dive on in….Here is how to do it…

Start with your favorite ground meat. I used ground beef (80/20 blend…that’s 80% beef 20% fat) Just as though you were going to make a hamburger patty. These are beer can burgers but I use a contraption, Hamburger Press.


1. I use roughly 8 oz. of ground beef to make my ball and then place into the hamburger press. Then I press down on the meat to fill in the press. (I do not use the top portion of the press to make my pocket. This is where the beer can comes into play.)

20150416_1728242. Take beer can and press into meat. Squeeze sides of meat to form a tight circle around beer can. And then take beer can out. (I know I shouldn’t have to tell you to take the beer can out, but some of you I wonder about at times.)

20150416_1723083. This is what you should end up with. (Press down on the pocket to create a deeper pocket for your stuffing. However, do not flatten out the bottom of your pocket too much or else it will be too thin and will cook way to fast.) At this point season your beer can burger with what ever you choose. I used kosher salt and pepper.

20150416_1739214. Dice up your stuffing. I used onions, jalapenos, and sharp cheddar cheese. The possibilities are endless as to what you can put in there.

20150416_1740345. Pack in your stuffing as much as you want.

20150416_1742476. Then place shredded cheese on top. (Cream cheese would be an awesome addition to this!) At this point I place mine in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes so they would get firm and wouldn’t fall apart when I placed them on the grill.


7. I used my Weber 22″ charcoal grill using the indirect method. What is that you ask?  Pile on the charcoal on one side of the grill and get it nice and hot. Temp should be around 300 degrees. Place the beer can burgers as far away from the coals as possible and cover. The picture above the burgers had been on for roughly 20 minutes. I turned them 180 degrees after about 10 minutes and covered back up.

20150416_1938158. After about 20 minutes I threw on a slice of pepper jack cheese on the top and put the cover back on for an additional five minutes. (The above pic was taken after the five minutes was up. Just enough to let the slice of cheese melt all over the burger.)

20150416_1947489. Take the bad boys off the grill and let rest for about 10 minutes…. At this point you can either throw them on a bun and devour them. Or you can eat as is without the bun. (I know some of you are watching your carbs. LOL)

20150416_20001410. The final product. Next time I will make the pocket deeper so I can have more stuffing inside. And I will wrap bacon around the burger as well. The bacon fat will help keep the meat moist throughout the cooking process. All in all it was delicious and I will be making these again.

So that my friends is “The Beer Can Burger.” So take your ass to the store. Gather up your ingredients and have at it. Make something special. Make something to get your taste buds working over time. When you are in my kitchen you better bring your taste buds because you never know what is gonna hit them. (Ohhh and bring plenty of beer too. But none of that sissy piss water crap aka Bud Light/Coors Light etc…)

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out






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