Ohhh The Hypocrisy….



Hypocrisy: the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

So obviously many of you read my post about going through “The Big D” a couple weeks ago. Today I wake up and am getting ready to head to the gym. I get a notice on my phone that someone has replied to this particular post. Here is the reply in all its glory: (The email address that was left with this reply was angelwatching@heavensdoors.com. I did an email look-up and there is no domain name registered with the heavensdoors.com name (clue #1) so I then emailed it and got a mailer-daemon response ..clue # 2)

You say you’re not hurt and yet you talk with such disregard about your wife (and yes she is still your wife until the courts say otherwise). I am not saying what she did was right, but you mind friend, are just as guilty. A sin is a sin no matter what the sin is; they are are the same in the eyes of our Lord. You say you are loyal and yet you left your wife when things got too hot in the kitchen, instead of staying and trying to put out the fire. You abandoned her and left her wondering for months. It didn’t matter she was unfaithful, you never planned on TRYING to make it work. Now a days, most people take the easy way out. And that is exactly what you did. If you had truly loved her, you would have come home to work things out. A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs the heart. ~Proverbs 21:2 It is clear you are not the marrying type because you choose selfishness over oneness (2 people joining together to become 1). Haven’t you read in your Bible that the Creator originally made man and woman for each other, male and female? And because of this, a man leaves his father and mother and is FIRMLY BONDED to his wife, becoming one flesh- no longer two bodies but ONE. ~Mathew 19:4-5 However, let each MAN of you, without exception, love his wife as his very own self ~Ephesians 5:33
What makes you think life (relationships) should be perfect? There are no perfect people in this world. And the 1 and only perfect One suffered just as we suffer. (We don’t have a priest [JESUS] who is out of touch with our reality. He’s been through weakness and testing, experienced it all-all but sin. ~Hebrews 4:15) I leave you this… and pray that if you ever do decided to commit again that you will truly commit.
Marriage Prayer – Teach Us to Love Those Who Hurt Us

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please teach us to love those who hurt us. It’s easy to love the ones who are kind and the ones who are gentle, but the challenge comes when we’re called to love in difficult times.

Some days it feels as though we don’t have the strength to love in a way that is pleasing to You, but You have taught us differently. You loved us before we loved You.

Guide our steps. Give us the strength to love as You do–with kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and grace.

Teach us to pray for them, Lord. Remind us to get down on our knees, leave our pain at the foot of Your throne, and rest in the knowledge that You’re working on our behalf.

In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

So normally I would just let this pass, but the content of the reply was too much for me to pass up. I have an idea of who it may be, but not 100% sure. So with that I give you my two replies to this “angelwatching@heavensdoors.com”: 

Reply #1: 

I have no clue who you are. This is laughable… It doesn’t matter that she was unfaithful??? I left her wondering for months??? How about she carried on a relationship with a guy for six months of our marriage. Of course it matters that she was unfaithful and held onto that secret for over a year. Had she told me that she cheated when she did then the marriage would of been over at that point. I could never be with someone ever again once they cross that line and let someone other than their spouse touch them.
I never did say that relationships are perfect. Relationships take a lot of work. However, a relationship cannot work when one of those involved is seeking something with another person. And relationships cannot work when one of them plans an entire night out to meet another man while her husband stays at home to watch HER kid. Relationships cannot work when one of them flat out lies and carries on that lie for over a year.
You can spout off all the scripture you like and that is your right. However, do not come at me and compare me leaving her to her being unfaithful. And lastly instead of hiding behind your Bible and your email address. Why don’t you show your face and at least tell me who you are.

Reply # 2: 

And another thing…. You say that “If you had truly loved her, you would have come home to work things out.” Ok I see your point there. However, if she had truly loved me then she would not of strayed and cheated on me. Your arguement is is null and void at that point. So you are basically allowing her to get a free pass and do something that is absolutely deplorable in my eyes simply because in the eyes of YOUR God it is the same thing as me walking out on her. The hypocrisy runs deep with you Christians. Always hiding behind your Bible and your God.
I admitted my short comings when we went to counseling. However, she did not. She continued the lie even during counseling placing the entire blame of our marriage failing on ME. In order for a marriage to work both parties involved have to be completely honest with one another. In order for counseling to work both parties have to be completely honest with the counselor. SHE was not honest with me or the counselor.
Later on in your post you say “It is clear you are not the marrying type because you choose selfishness over oneness (2 people joining together to become 1).” To that I say, It is clear that SHE is not the marrying type because she went outside of our marriage and cheated. So in the end she too is selfish and chose selfishness over oneness.
And then you end your little diatribe with this glorious statement, “I leave you this… and pray that if you ever do decided to commit again that you will truly commit.” And to that I say perhaps SHE is the one that should be directed towards. I truly did commit and never once thought of cheating on her. While she, on the other hand, was not truly committed to our relationship.
So go ahead and hide behind that Bible of yours. And know this I will be just fine. I am stronger now than I ever have been. I know I wasn’t a perfect husband and I admitted that to her and to the counselor. I know I could of done things differently. With that being said she still would of cheated because that’s just the type of person she is.

So in the end the person that wrote this lovely reply once again places the blame solely on me for our marriage failing. (And for the record at the point that she did cheat on me everything in our marriage was fine. We had no major fights at that point and the sex life was good as well.) It’s really laughable at this point. Let’s just disregard the entire cheating episode and blame a guy for leaving a marriage because it got to hot in the kitchen. And at first I would of said you are absolutely right. I did leave because things got difficult. I was not in a good place for myself let alone a marriage. Why? Because I did not have a wife that was being very supportive at that time. Why? Because she was carrying on a relationship with some douche bag (who was also married) for six months. 

Moral of the story… Don’t mess with the bull cause you will eventually get the horns!

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out

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