Are You Manly?

So came out with an article entitled, 20 Things That 20 Real Women Say Make You Manly. Alright for starters I get it. Every woman has their own likes and dislikes about a potential partner. Just as every man has their own expectations.  I do apologize in advance if I offend any of you ladies with my observations. That is not my intentions at all…Oh fuck that who am I kidding: #sorryNOTsorry #suckitupbuttercup
So with that, I give you my take on this article:

womenmanly1This woman has it right. She really gets “it”. Now saying it and believing it are two different things entirely. We all know that she has the right to change her mind at any given moment.

womenmanly2Alrighty now you are speaking my kind of language. Obviously this woman tried the big and burly muscle head (numerous times). She finally realized that appearance is just that. “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” So she finally found a guy that was funny and smart all in one package. Good for her!

womenmanly3So now this woman is in between. She has been with a guy that had the big hands and the muscles. She has been with a guy that was self-aware and passionate about something. She likes the big hand and muscles, but probably is leaning towards the “funny and smart” guy….And is hoping she can find a guy with big hands, muscles, who is smart and funny.

womenmanly4I like this Alexa P. woman. She just comes out and tells it like it is. Now the real question is: Does she let a guy know this is how she operates? Does she mean what she says and says what she means? Ohhh and if you make a mistake and call yourself on it: Does she remember that shit and call you out on it every chance she gets?

womenmanly5Now for the most part I can get on board with what Danielle C. is saying. She had me until she mentions “dark hair, dark eyes, who’s rough and bulky”. Although to her credit she does say, “I know this is bad”. Apparently she likes all of the other stuff more than the looks, but is probably holding out hope that a man with all of those attributes will appear in front of her and also be a hard worker, handy man with lots of knowledge, etc….. Hey Danielle I have a song for you… Its by Aerosmith and its entitled, “Dream On”…….

womenmanly6Ohhhh Susan R. where are you? You truly do get it. Not one mention of “the cover of the book”. And the fact that you say “real men can cook”! You score some major points with that one. I absolutely love to cook. Give me a pantry full of food and I will make you a delicious meal. And I will even clean up the kitchen after I am done cooking for you.

womenmanly7I cannot fault this woman for this statement. I get it. No really I do. I look my best after working in the yard and sweating out all of the alcohol from the previous night. Mind you I am thinking to myself, “Why on earth am I not paying someone to do this yard work?” Actually, I look my best when I am all showered up and dressed up in a nice suit. But that’s neither this nor that.

womenmanly8Awww well isn’t that special. Ya know Jaclyn S. I used to do these types of things for my wife. Well now ex-wife. Why? Because I loved her (and still do on some levels). Writing little notes and placing them in the lunch I prepared for her. Telling her she is beautiful, smart, funny, intelligent, and that she can do anything she puts her mind to. I get what you’re saying, but is that really what a woman wants?

womenmanly9Julia F. now that is a beautiful statement. No really it is. Now the problem is would you allow me to offer my sensibility and compassion to you when you needed support. And when I did would you accept it whole-heartedly? In theory it sounds great. Actually though I would think this is what true love is all about. Loving and supporting your significant other no matter what.

womenmanly10Ohhhh Dear Lord… Michelle S. let me bring you back to reality. You must be in your early to mid 20’s. You are still living in Dream Land. I understand that this is what you want, but sweetheart there is so much more to a man than “broad shoulders, larger hands, taller height, …………., not a flat butt, and masculine facial attributes.”
Some of us were not blessed with genes that allow us to have all of these things. However, that does not make us less of a man. I don’t have broad shoulders. I have long and skinny hands and fingers. I am average height at six feet tall. I have confidence that will blow most people out of the water. I am definitely self assured, (except for my chicken legs). I have absolutely NO ASS AT ALL, after all I am a man I really shouldn’t be concerned with my ass. And as for my “masculine facial attributes” well I shave every other day. Why? Because the hair gene skipped my family.
The fact that all you mention in your comment is about physical attributes just shows me you are still young and naïve. Good luck with that.

Alrighty friends… That was 1-10…… I have 11-20 coming at you soon. Stay Tuned….

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out

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