Are You Manly Part 2

Well folks its been awhile since I have posted something here. I apologize to all of you for not taking the time to make regular posts as I am sure most of you have found it hard to continue on in life without reading something from yours truly. Life has a funny way of taking over everything that one does on a daily basis. Now of course I would like to tell you that I promise to post on a more regular basis, but that would be a complete lie. I will try my best to make changes in my life so that I can keep all of you entertained.
Now with that being said about six months ago I made a post about an article in Men’s Fitness describing what being “Manly” was according to women polled. There were 20 different quotes from random women. I went through the 1-10 and promised that I would post 11-20 shortly there after. Well now perhaps “shortly” was a bad choice of words. Unless of course you think of “shortly” as being six months later…. So with that I give you 11-20 of “Are You Manly?”
womenmanly11Courtney S. is right in her assessment. As a man I should be able to take control, make plans, and be confident in my decision. However, will Courtney be ok with that? Or will she make random comments about the plans and decisions I have made? Or will Courtney just go along with the plans and make the best of the situation without whining or making rude comments.

womenmanly12Hannah Hannah Hannah… I get what you are saying, but some of us were not blessed with athletic prowess or a deep voice. Now for me I am fortunate to actually have a good voice. (Yes I have been told on numerous occasions that I have a “sexy phone voice” and that I should of been doing voice overs.) Hannah, I would like you to be able to do laundry, not whine and nag, and also have a perfect set of boobs that don’t hit the floor when you take off your bra. Ohhh and make sure your nails are always done and that your hair is perfect at all times. As for being athletic…. I can hold my own in a game of tic tac toe, catch a baseball, catch a football, and I can even throw a mean check in a hockey game. Does all of that make me “athletic”? By athletic do you mean in shape? Takes care of his body? Is healthy? Your statement is kind of vague as to what exactly you want out of a man. Because I can assure you that “being athletic and a deep voice” will only carry your man so far in life.

womenmanly13Well now Christina S. starts off with a bang. I believe a real man should be “faithful, confident, understanding, helpful, and hardworking.” I will always be faithful! I am confident in who I am and what I am about. I am usually understanding and helpful.
I am not sure as to what being a “handy man who takes control and knows how to take control” really is. A handy man for what? Perhaps I am a computer geek that takes control. Perhaps I am a chef that takes control. What is this blanket statement women make of wanting a “handy man”? My ex-wife said that too me once….My response was, “Well I am pretty handy in the kitchen and pretty handy with all of the computers in the house. Where else am I supposed to be handy?”
And lastly… Christina wants someone with body hair and a beard. I can’t fault her for having her type of man when it comes to physical attributes. It’s just that some of us were not born with the hair gene. I can go three weeks without shaving and would have absolutely nothing that resembled a beard. Guess what I am ok with that. Apparently Christina and I would not be a good match. And whats with the beard thing anyways?

womenmanly14Well Yumi N. what would you like me to fix for you today? Change a tire? No problem I have AAA. I also have road side assistance through Sprint and my car insurance. They will be here in about two hours. Is this really all you could come up with when they asked you “What makes a man manly?” How hard is it to fix a doorknob anyways? What is the “etc.” portion of your statement? How many things do you need fixed on a daily basis?

womenmanly15Courtney A. I get it! I really do! A man should be independent, financially secure, and secure with himself. I would say that a woman should also be independent, financially secure, and secure with herself. Now just don’t get your panties in a bunch when I decide that I am going out with my buddies to watch sports at the sports bar. Why? Because I am independent and choose to do that. Can you come along? Absolutely you can come along, but don’t get all pissy with me when I am focusing on the game and not you.

womenmanly16Victoria C…… You are an absolute doll. This has to be the truest statement out of all 20 statements. Being “manly” varies across the board. Am I less manly because I enjoy being in the kitchen cooking up a delicious meal for those that I love? Or is the guy that is able to forge steel more manly than me? I have no problems showing the world who I am and what I am about. If I receive any backlash its usually from people that are just jealous that they can’t do the things that I can do. Sorry you can’t cook a steak the proper way bro. Apparently you just are not manly enough to handle a piece of meat!

womenmanly19Olivia B…… here we go again with the “handy” thing. WTF is “being handy”? Handy at what? As for the rest…. Honesty should not be relegated to being manly. Honesty should just be a part of everyone’s life. Olivia you do get major points for saying, “knowing how to cook”. Cooking, smoking, grilling, etc. is an art form and should not be taken lightly. The amount of time that I put into dishes that I cook is enormous. As for the cleaning portion..Well I will clean my kitchen, but you are on your own for the rest of the house…..And please make sure you do the laundry while you are at it.

womenmanly20Ohhhh Leah A… really?? Come on now! So you would rather take the guy that is “really into working out” over the guy that is not in the best shape, but is financially secure, hard working, handy, and can cook?  Let me guess you also are “really into working out” so that you are in optimal shape and look your best at all times for this mythical creature that has all the time in the world to devote to being “really into working out”.

Ok friends there you have it. Before any of you get all pissy about my comments, please realize that all of this is just in fun. Tongue and cheek so to speak. These are my thoughts! Please don’t take things to serious and get your panties in a bunch. If you do well then we probably shouldn’t be friends any more. Life is to short to get your panties in a bunch.

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out

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