The World is Going to………….



Preface: This post is not intended to offend anyone. I respect all of you and the beliefs that you have. This is not a knock on your beliefs by any means. This is just what I believe. Some of you may get offended by the things that I say. And well guess what? I really don’t give a fuck. If you are offended by anything in this post then we probably shouldn’t be friends anymore. Suck it up buttercup! Guess what not everyone thinks like you! In fact if you are offended by anything that I say then you, my friend, are an ASSHAT. Ohhh and we can’t be friends anymore. Live life people. Don’t get offended so easily. If you do get offended easily then I feel sorry for you. Wait…no I don’t… #sorryNOTsorry 

The world is a crazy place. Life is crazy. You never know if one day you wake up and it is your last day on earth. Hell you might not even wake up one morning. You may lay your head down on the pillow and take your last breath in your sleep. Never to wake up again.

I will never understand as to why people get so defensive or offended when another person questions their beliefs/religion. People throughout history have died for their so called faith. What has your religion done for you? Why must you fight until death to prove that your religion is the right one?

In my eyes all I see from religion is hate. Sure most religions preach love, kindness, respect, hope, compassion, and peace. However, you cannot have those without hate, intolerance, disrespect, bigotry, indifference, cruelty, and war. And yes most religions do show their kind, compassion, and peace side… However, they all have their dark side.

Just like you cannot have light unless there is darkness.

Religion in theory is a beautiful thing. However, there is a downside to religion that no one wants to talk about. All we want to talk about is how “my religion” is right. And how “your religion” is wrong. I have been in the debates/discussions with friends and family about religion. And guess what??? It never ends well. Someone usually gets pissed off and takes it too far.

As a man I look at my imperfections all the time trying to improve them. Some of my imperfections I just have to deal with such as my “chicken legs” and my thin hair. When it comes to religion it seems that most do not look at the imperfections of their own religion. They only like to spout off about the imperfections of others.

I firmly believe religions were predicated on the act of war. Millions of people throughout our history have been slaughtered, killed, and persecuted all because they had a different belief, a different thought, a different “God”, a different story, and in the end a different religion.

My issue with religion is that you all cannot be right. There are so many different religions that pray/serve a different “God”. And thats when the fight starts. Personally I do not think any of you are right. Call me an asshole! Call me a “Non-believer”. Tell me I am going to hell. I really don’t give a shit!

In the end there really should only be one religion!  It should be the human religion. Treat others how you want to be treated. Help your fellow man/woman/child. This religion says that we are all on this planet for each other, no matter your gender, the color you are, the language you speak. Sure we can all still have our own way of life.

But it will not be defined by the “God” you talk to. It will be defined by the people you talk to. It will be defined by the relationships you have. It will be defined by the family you make and become a part of. It will be defined by the way you treat others and the good that you put into the world. Have no fear it will also be defined by that hate you breed and the bad you bring into the world.

I completely understand why people “subscribe” to a religion. It’s a safety blanket of sorts. Knowing that there are others out there that believe in the same thing you do. Knowing that you will be accepted by this group.

Why is it that so many religious types are the first to judge? The most close minded? And then when a tragedy strikes they talk about how they love everyone. (Except the other day when they were talking shit about that one girl because she was gay and a sinner.) Seems as many religious only preach or talk about tolerance and acceptance when it looks to benefit them. Otherwise those people are sinners and should be punished!

I have friends and family that “believe”, but they don’t let it consume them. It certainly does not define them. Many of them may not understand why I believe what I do, but they respect it and do not judge me for it. And they certainly don’t try and cram down my throat what they believe.

In closing I would like to say:

     Let us all just forgot about religion for a moment. Let us all work on the human race. Let us be blinded by color, gender, religion, and nationality. Let us be friends, brothers, sisters, neighbors, moms, dads, and cousins. Let us all be HUMAN! Treat others how you would want to be treated. Respect one another. Love one another. Life is to short to have hatred towards anyone! Hate breeds hate. It is time for love to breed love.

Life it up! Drink it down! Laugh it off!

Until Next Time,
Spiral Out

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