Sitting Down……

Preface: The following is my opinion. Most of you should know by now that I mean what I say and say what I mean. My posts usually are not for those that get offended easily. These are my thoughts and views on whatever subject I am writing about. If they offend you in any way, shape, or form I apologize in advance. (Not really…. suck it up buttercup as life is not all rainbows and roses!)
This is real life stuff and things I say may make you uncomfortable, but that is just the way life is. People need to stop getting so easily offended and move on with their life. The topic for this blog will certainly strike a cord with many of you. If I lose some of you over it so be it. I have an interesting take on this topic seeing as though my dad is a Vietnam Veteran that earned a Purple Heart during his time in the Army. My dad and I agree to disagree on this subject as do many Veterans. However, there are also many Veterans that are in support of this topic. We are in trying times in our country. I am scared for the future of this great country we live in. However, I also have hope that we will overcome these trying times and be a much greater country than we were before. 

So sit down, buckle up, and hold on as this may be a bumpy ride…………..

Old Glory. The Stars and Stripes. The Star Spangled Banner. The Red, White, and Blue. The stories this Flag could tell is beyond comprehension. The history behind this Flag is mind boggling. The blood, sweat, tears, and death that pieced this Flag together over the years is astonishing. The United States of America grew up fast. At 241 years old we are still considered young when it comes to other countries around the world. We have gone through a lot in a short amount of time as a country. We are definitely not perfect by any stretch, but we have always persevered and come out better as a country than we were before.  This leads me into the NFL and the “so called” protests” this past weekend from all 32 teams in the NFL.

If you think this past weekend in the NFL was a protest against The National Anthem or The Flag then you are a special kind of stupid! What you saw this past weekend was NOT a protest by any stretch. What you saw was a sign of roughly 1,700 grown men responding to remarks made by The President of the United States. Remarks that basically called anyone that sat or kneeled during The Anthem a SON OF A BITCH. So in essence, The President of the United States just called the mother of those men a BITCH!!! People!!! Come on now! I did not vote for this man, however, I support him as our Commander in Chief. Buuuuuuut this is too much for me. The Donald has over stepped his bounds. The Donald has plenty of other things he needs to be worried about than some grown millionaire asshats sitting/kneeling/staying in the locker room during The National Anthem.

Hello????? We have “Rocket Man” swaddling around over in North Korea with an itchy finger just dying to push that button to start World War III. And The Donald is worried about the NFL and what its players are doing???? Get The Fuck Out of Here already!

Boycotting the NFL??? Canceling your NFL Ticket Subscription??? Get a grip already people! Most of you fail to realize that prior to the 2009 season the NFL did not require teams to be on the sidelines during The Anthem. There are multiple stories out on the Internet that go back and forth about this. What is true is that back in 2009 the Department of Defense paid MILLIONS of dollars to the NFL to show signs of Patriotism by NFL teams. Prior to 2009 it was hit or miss if teams came out to stand during The Anthem. After 2009 all teams in the NFL were out on the sidelines during The Anthem.

With all of that being said now lets discuss the actual issue at hand. The sitting/kneeling during the National Anthem. I made a post back when Colin Kaepernick took his seat and eventually his knee during the Anthem. (My Two Cents On Kap) I did not agree with his stance then and I do not agree with it now. However, I will never tell anyone that they cannot protest or voice their opinion EVER!

There are many opinions and views about this subject. Some say that you cannot disrespect the Flag or the Anthem. While others say its their freedom to be able to do that because of The Constitution! Absolutely it is their right to do it because of the greatest living document on Earth…. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! This is where I differ from most.

Many of you want to sit there and complain that they are disrespecting the Flag, the Anthem, and the Military by “protesting”. That they are disrespecting those that fought for this country and died for our freedoms. I can understand that argument……However….

If we have freedoms given to us by The Constitution, but we cannot use those freedoms without being chastised, judged, or ridiculed by others, then what is the point of those freedoms? If we sit there and say that people died for those freedoms and you are disrespecting those that died by protesting then what is the point “to the right of the people peaceably to assemble.”

The fact of the matter is that many of you don’t agree with this so called “protest” because it DOES NOT fit your narrative. It does not fall in line with what you believe and therefor it is WRONG! However, if it was something that you believed in and that you supported then you wouldn’t have an issue with it! Let’s not fool ourselves here. This past weekend was NOT a protest by any stretch.

As I mentioned before this past weekend in the NFL was brought on by a man, that I did not vote for. It was brought on by President Trump running his mouth and his Twitter account. Personally I feel that as the POTUS he shouldn’t even bother with this topic. However, he is Donald Trump and his dumb ass will say anything he wants.

The standing/sitting/kneeling with locked arms by NFL players this past weekend was NOT a protest against The Flag, The Anthem, or The Military. In reality it was a sign of UNITY and SOLIDARITY of roughly 1,700 men that were called SOB’s by the POTUS.

Along with this wonderful topic I wonder if any of you stand with your hand over your heart during The Anthem while you are watching it at home? I was at a bar for Thursday Night Football and the owners of the bar turned up the sound loud when The Anthem came on. I sat there and watched every single person in there and not ONE person stood up. Not one person took their hat off. Not one person put their hand over their heart as we all watched the Flag on the field and listened to the Anthem being played.

So my question to all of you is…. Why do we expect those at a live event to stand for The Anthem, but if we are watching the exact same event on TV we DO NOT stand, we do not even pay attention to it. #DoubleStandards #Hypocrites

In Closing: I love my country. I will fight for everything The Constitution says. This is the greatest country in the history of the world. I will NOT stop watching my Oakland Raiders. I will NOT stop watching the NFL. I will always be a champion for the rights that are instilled in this great country. #USA #RAIDERNATION

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out


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