Back In The Kitchen

Back to the regularly scheduled program of me, Chad, cooking in the kitchen! Today I bring you my salsa! It is dubbed The Hurt by some. Although that may scare some of you off I can assure you that is is absolutely delicious. If you don’t like it spicy then leave out the serrano peppers. I usually use jalapeno peppers. I do not clean out the middle and throw the seeds and all into my salsa. If you want it mild then cut the peppers in half and clean out the insides and discard the seeds.


1 Lime

3 Beefsteak Tomatoes

1 1/2 Serrano Peppers (Jalapeno pepper is my go to for this. However, now that I have used Serrano I may continue on with it. Just depends on the audience that I am making this for. Serrano is a hotter pepper than a jalapeno.)

serrano vs jalapeno

1 large White Onion

1 Bundle of Cilantro

2 packets of Sazon  Goya Con Cilantro Y Tomate


Salt and Pepper to taste

You can combine all the ingredients in a food processor or you can dice everything up and leave it as is.

Watch the video to see why I do it in a food processor!

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out

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