Who is Chad?

Who is Chad? That is a loaded question my friends. I am a 34 year old single white male that resides in Cape Coral, Florida. Originally from all over Southern California. If you were to ask my friends they would say I am wicked smart, sarcastically funny, loyal, opinionated (to a fault at times), confident (some may say cocky), crazy, laid back, sensitive (yes even I am sensitive), quite at times, and a die hard Oakland Raiders fan.

So I asked my friends on Facebook “Who is Chad?” and so far this is what I have gotten: (My comments are in red)

“The man, the myth, the legend 😉 LMAO” (Yes this is so true….lol)

“Do you really wanna get me started? Lol” (Well now this one knows a bit too much about me so  no I don’t want to get you started)

“Pain in the ass. Loves SD” (Yes I can be a pain in the ass….and Yes I do love SD – the City of San Diego…However, I hate their sports teams)

“CHAD IS A SMART ASS!! Love you chad” (The biggest smart ass you will ever meet)

“Someone that secretly drinks chocolate syrup out of the bottle.” (So I like chocolate syrup…it has taken on new meanings after I got older..lol)

When I think of you I think of a really fun and exciting time, with a guy who has no hang ups or inhibitions. (Can’t stop and worry about what others think of me….just let it all hang out and let the cards fall where they may….)
Who is Chad? There are two of you. The “out there” public one, and the sensitive (stop laughing) private one. (Well I am a Gemini so that would be a correct statement in that there are two of me. Just pretend you didn’t read the “sensitive private one.” I try to supress him as much as possible! LOL)

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      1. I have NO CLUE how that name (never heard of it!) came up, that was from me- Tracey. The only thing i can think of is that my son uses wordpress and his name is Nick, so maybe his info popped up and i didnt notice. Sorry!!

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