My Two Cents on Colin KaeperNick……

Before reading this please understand this is my opinion. I am all about dialogue and discussing sensitive topics. This is one of many reasons as to why I love this country that I live in. Many of you may not agree with my stance, just as I won't agree with yours. However, I respect your... Continue Reading →

The World is Going to………….

HELL! Preface: This post is not intended to offend anyone. I respect all of you and the beliefs that you have. This is not a knock on your beliefs by any means. This is just what I believe. Some of you may get offended by the things that I say. And well guess what? I... Continue Reading →


So have any of you ever left something that you loved so much, that was all you really ever knew? Something that you were born and raised in? And just packed up your stuff and high tailed it out of there? Have you ever dealt with the struggle of wanting to go back to something... Continue Reading →

So Good It Hurts…..

Well my friends.... I will not bore you with another post of my smokin/grillin/bbquin shennanigans. At this time let us go South of the border. In honor of Cinco De Mayo, (cause you know since I lived in San Diego for 14 years I know a little about Mexican food), I present to you my... Continue Reading →

Ohhh The Hypocrisy….

  Hypocrisy:¬†the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense. So obviously many of you read my post about going through "The Big D" a couple weeks ago. Today I wake up and am getting ready to head to the gym. I get a notice... Continue Reading →

Wait…You Want Me To Do What With My Beer Can????

My little slice of heaven.... The Pit and The Grill¬† Alrighty folks... Back to what it is that makes me happy. Back to being in the kitchen or in my case "The Pit" and "The Grill." I am always looking for something new to try. Something that will get those taste buds working over time.... Continue Reading →

Going Through the Big D…………………..

Well I was going to give all of you the entire detailed story, but in the end it isn't worth it. So the short version is that I am once again single. I am going through a divorce. No need for a pity party. However, there will be a very large divorce party at some... Continue Reading →

Roll Up A Fatty……

Many of you see my #foodporn on my posts on Facebook. Then there are those that are not privileged to be on my Facebook so you cannot see things that I cook/smoke/grill. That is where this post comes in. I have been smoking meats for about two years now. I learn something new every time... Continue Reading →

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