My love for the pit…..

My first smoker! It does the job for now.

I’m not real sure when it all started, but I’m sure I could trace it back to the days when I would prepare dinner for my dad and step-mom. Ok well I didn’t really prepare the entire meal when I was 11 years old, but I had to prep for dinner. In other words I was like a built in line cook for them. I would get the salads ready, turn the grill on, and help marinate the meat.

Fast forward years later after the partying days were over from college I had to cook for myself since I lived on my own. It started innocent enough just cooking the typical New York strips, T-Bone steaks, and chicken breasts. I have always had a love for everything that is barbecue. From baby back ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, filets, beef ribs, etc.

I have also always enjoyed trying different barbecue sauces. I have tried all sorts of sauces. Sweet ones, tangy ones, mild ones, hot ones, and “HOLY CRAP THAT SH*T IS HOTTTTTTTT” ones. I’ve come to the conclusion that I like my sauce either way sweet or all the way balls to the wall HOT! You know the kind that you have to keep on eating it so that your mouth doesn’t start breathing fire!

So here we are on my new “cooking” blog. I am sure for the most part it will mainly show my love for the pit. (The pit being my smoker) I absolutely love picking out the best piece of meat and then coming up with a dry rub for it. Lathering on the dry rub and let it marinate. Starting up the smoker with the charcoal and watching the flames dance away. Picking out the right wood to use as the smoking ingredient. Am I feeling the hickory or the mesquite today? Perhaps I want to add a little sweetness to the smoke and go with a cherry or apple wood. It’s all a delicate dance that I love to do every chance I get.

The beauty in all of it is watching the food get devoured by my friends and family. And hearing the comments from them as they roll out of my house on their way home. Stuffed from a day of good eats and good times.

In the end my love for the pit is because I enjoy it. It’s a moment that I can stand there and create something that puts a smile on my face and the faces of those that fill their mouths with my creation.

Until Next Time,

Spiral Out

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